spaghetti attack!

in the spirit of frendly competition, craig ferguson has been talking back and forth with jimmy fallon on his show on nbc! it all started when craig took out his big mickey mouse glove and waved over to jimmy fallon and asked him to wave back. well, jimmy complied and then send something over craigs way. jimmy, through silly tv magic, shot spaghetti out of his eyes and sent it over to craig, and just at that very moment, if you turned the channel over to cbs, the spaghetti went into craigs eyes!
over on craig's show he stopped mid monologue and stated 'something happening to my eyes! i just got spaghetti in my eyes! delicious spaghetti! wait a minute, i know that taste! thats jimmy fallon's spaghetti!' its really cool to see these two professionals, who are in competition for ratings, having some fun together! who knows, maybe this might lead to craig being on jimmy's show and jimmy being on craigs- now that would be pretty amazing!

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