craig to host shark week!

'hello everyone, my name is brian' says the shark puppet, 'i've got some very exciting news, as you may or may not know, the discovery channel, an exellent channel, much better than cbs, it features lot of animals eating other animals, kind of my thing! well, the discovery channel is 25 years old this week. yes, i know. but i love the discovery channel because every year they have something called 'shark week'. and shark week is just the kind of programing i enjoy. it has lots of sharks. well, the good news is that shark week this year will be hosted by craig ferguson! 'but wait!' i hear you say in your puny human voices, 'wait, wait brian! wait! surely craig ferguson works on cbs, how could he be involved in the discovery channel? its a completely different company!' yes, well lawyers figured it out! they are the real sharks, am i right ladies and gentlemen? ha ha ha! anyway, here's the deal. craig ferguson is going to be hosting shark week, he has to go to the bahamas and dive with sharks. and this is where i come in. i call on all the sharks on all the ocean beds and other parts of the ocean, all across the world. the bull sharks in australia, the great whites in san francisco, the tigers the hammerheads, the white tip reef sharks, the cambian reef sharks, the other reef sharks, all the sharks, and the baracuda, which is not a shark, but is still quite scary. i call on all of them to meet me in the bahamas. lets eat this douche bag, once and for all! ha ha! then finally we can get kilborne back!'

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