+ 'yesterday was my favorite day of the year', craig ferguson shares, 'it was international museum day. please, try to contain your phony excitement. i cant believe i forgot about international museum day, that would be like woody allen forgetting 'take your daughter to work' day... anyway, international museum day is a real day, by the way. it started in 1977ish. its celebrated all over the world, hence the word 'international'. its an important part of our culture, so they need an international day. just like pancakes are an important part of our culture, they need an international house. pablo picaso once said 'give me a museum and i will fill it'. i say the same thing about speedoes. everybody loves a museum though, especially when ben stiller spends a night in one, its hilarious. public museums have not been around that long, the first ones opened in the 17th century during the age of enlightenment. i know what you are thinking, 'here we go again, another late night host banging on about the age of enlightenment, didnt carson daily do that last week?' actually, is he still on, carson daily? no, i'm not being mean, is he still on? yes? well good for him. until the age of enlightenment, museums werent meant for the public. the old artifacts and paintings were kept in private by private collectors. if you wanted to see dogs playing poker, you had to train them yourself!'
+ don glover stops by to help craig with the tweets and emails

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