+ 'its a great day for america', craig ferguson reminds us, 'many reasons why, one reason is that we are not england. which is always good. but its not a great day for one english man in particular, robert greene, who is the english goalie who let the americans score an easy goal in the world cup game on saturday. it must be very difficult for greene, i understand. i still think whistfully about the balls that slipped through my hands. because its not the balls you grab that you are remembered for, its the balls that you let go. so, with that in mind, call me lady gaga. i feel bad for this goalie, but there is a silver lining. he is english and he messed up so badly he was just offered a job at bp! ha ha! take that bp! thats right, in the offices of bp now they are going 'oh no, the scottish guy lightly slapped us. we can take all sorts of strict talking to's from the president, but once that late night douche bag goes after us we are in big trouble now!'.'+ talk about the world cup with referee betty white

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