+ 'this being thursday, its a big day for tv', craig ferguson reminds us, 'the two hour season finale of 'greys anatomy' was on earlier tonight, and i watched because we are live. and i loved it when that doctor got up the nerve to kiss that other doctor, i've been waiting all season for that... ugh. the network executives think that if characters on a tv show have sex, the rating go up. maybe we should do that here. what do you say, geoff?' geoff replies 'thats not in my contract, craig'. 'the robot is going to sue me for sexual harassment now, isnt he? my favorite tv doctor is, of course, dr. phil. now, i admit he's not a real doctor, but so what? in fact, if i got sick, id rather see dr. suess. have you ever seen that show 'the doctors'? where they have real doctors on answering medical questions. and one of the doctors, the handsome one, wears his green surgical scrubs, and i'm like 'you are in a tv studio, you jackass!' no one is going to ask you to do surgery! you know, i do hate it though when people in the hospitals wear their scrubs outside of the hospital. if you go to any starbucks outside of the hospital and you see guys in scrubs, they arent doctors. they are orderlies trying to meet girls in the starbucks. real doctors dont do that, they would hate that! its like when i go outside of this studio and i see a guy in a crap suit i say 'hey, stop trying to be a talk show host!' and then these guys think 'why is liza mineli shouting at me?'.'
+ style tips with tim gunn 80's edition

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