+ 'happy birthday today to an american icon, john wayne'. craig ferguson shares, 'john wayne was born on this day in 1907. thats a movie star! growing up, john wayne was one of the first images of america. we were like 'oh, these movies, they've got john wayne, and cowboys, and food that is not potatoes!' 'what are you talking about? food that is not potatoes? thats a pipe dream, boy!' john wayne passed away 30 years ago. he's still iconic though, it reassures me to know that if john wayne were here right now he would be 103. but hed still be able to punch me in the face and call me a sissy. his real name was marion morrison. did you know that? thats why he's such a tough guy. its like the jonny cash thing, 'a boy named sue'. a father names his son sue so it will make him grow up big and strong then they can go 'kickin and a gougin and the mud and the blood and the beer'! it is a fact, its a proven medical fact. if your son has a girly name he will be tough. if you name him marion or lady gaga he will grow up to be tough. john wayne though, is the ultimate tough guy, he's like a cross between russell crowe and who is that other tough guy? oh, thats right, madonna.'

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