syd the cussing rabbit

'i'm here to apologize', craig ferguson shares, 'apparently there has been a rabbit here the past few nights, a rabbit from north london, and he's been cussing. it has upset a great many people, and people have been writing in... well, theres one guy who's been writing in because the rabbit, hes not a robot, hes a puppet, but still people get upset because he cusses. and i'm like 'oh, give it a fucking rest', but people are like 'no, no, you must not have the rabbit cussing, that wrong. and there's too much cussing on this show'. and i'm like 'i know, there is.' so i'm here to apologize, i'm sorry about all the cussing on the show. and i would like to remind you that it is america, we do have other channels, and do you have fucking alternatives, so... although, cbs doesnt agree with me on that. so we have come to an understanding with cbs. they said knock it off with the cussing, and i've said 'you bet!'. so, thats it, no more cussing on this show. by me or rabbits... nope, cant fucking do it! i cant fucking do it!'

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