+ 'good evening, i am tv's craig ferguson. a vulgar lounge entertainer who, at a moments notice, may use a puppet, a robot skeleton, or a fart joke in order to squeeze a cheap laugh out of some poorly paid hobo's in the studio audience. so, imagine my surprise when i thought i would indulge myself with inviting a guest on this show, about a year ago, who was not in any way vulgar or cheap: arch bishop desmond tutu. someone who has done some very important things in the world, not like me. and for that show we were given the prestigious peabody award. i was very delighted and surprised and honored to get the peabody award, and we thought, well i did. well, cbs did. well, someone did. we thought that maybe if you wanted we could show you desmond tutu's visit to the show again, something of an encore performance. but of course, this would be a 'repeat'. no, no, no. a repeat is something you show when it didnt win the peabody award. when you win the peabody award, its 'an encore performance'. i was humbled and delighted to be in the presence of such a great man who clearly had a sense of humor about himself, and a sense of humor about me, which you are going to need if you are on this show... take a look then, at what a real human at his best looks like.'

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