+ 'do you know what i am excited about?' craig ferguson asks, 'toy story 3 opens today. its not a sequel, its a threequel. threequels are usually not as good as the originals, you know, godfather 3, jaws 3. there are exceptions though, busty cops 3! busty cops 3: cops in space. anyway, its toy story 3. all the old favorites are back, buzz and woody, its a great combination. you have to strike the right balance though, too much buzz and you cant get woody. i'm glad the movie is only two hours long though, cause if you have a woody for more than four hours you have to call a doctor. cbs cares. mr. potato head is back too. you know, when i was a kid i had a mr. potato head that was actually a potato. we were poor. i got it for christmas, i was like to my mother 'why did santa leave me a potato?' my mom was like 'its mr. potato head! he's sleeping!' one day i went to play with my mr. potato, and i saw my dad eating fries. 'its what he would have wanted son, sad but delicious'. 'well, i'll just go check on my goldfish!' 'dont bother...'.'

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