+ 'its geek pride day today, happy geek pride day, everybody!' craig ferguson exclaims, 'its a real day, geek pride day. everyone is encouraged to embrace their inner geek. geek pride day is kind of like gay pride day but with no sex! so actually, its nothing like gay pride day. i consider myself to be a geek because i'm into the technology and the science fiction. i enjoy playing my hand held gaming device, know what i mean? my joystick, my wii controller... i'm talking about masturbation is what i'm saying. the word geek used to be a label that people were ashamed of, now people embrace it. its like being called an outlaw, or a kardashian. people are ok with it now. in carnivals 'the geek' was the name of the guy who entertained the crowd by biting off the heads of chickens. i know, i'm appalled too. now a days we call these people warm up comedians. i looked up the word 'geek' today, and its defined as 'a peculiar person who is overly obsessed with one or more things usually including the electronics or the arts. which is definitely me. yes it is, everyone knows my obsessions with jazz hands- thats the arts!'
+ style tips with tim gunn 80's edition

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