+ 'oh, listen, theres a big movie opening today', craig ferguson shares, 'i'm very excited about it, its called 'robin hood', it stars russell crowe. now, i like russell crowe, take that you bastards! i do like russell crowe, but some people are saying hes too heavy to play robin hood. i'm like 'what are you talking about?' all i'm saying is, for all the people who think russell crowe is too heavy, i say 'shut the hell up'. if you want to watch some skinny little twink being all sensitive with his abs, go and rent 'twilight'. or borrow my copy, i've got three. but its not easy making someone named robin hood sound tough, robin is a girls name, and a hood is something you wear on your head. its like having an action star named susan hat! you know the movie is going to be good, you know why? because the french hate it. the french critics say that the french characters are unfairly depicted. because the french in the movie are all two faced panzies more interested in eating cheese than fighting wars. no wait, wait. there is some unfair stuff too...'
+ gardening tips with willie nelson

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