+ 'its day 2 of wimbledon, and day 2 of me not giving a crap', craig ferguson admits, 'theres so much sports going on between wimbledon and the world cup, it seems like there is something for everyone to not care about. i'm not keen on tennis, except of course the u.s. open this fall on cds, i love that! cbs cares. i dont like any sport you can play while you wear a sweater around your shoulders. i've said this before, tennis is just waiving with equipment... if you win wimbledon its considered a big deal. they give two prizes, one for the men and one for the women. the men get a trophy and the women gets a plate? thats a bit sexist. 'congratulations, youve just won wimbledon, now use that plate and rustle up us some sandwiches.'
+ summer livin' with sean connery
+ an apology from syd the cussing rabit
- valerie bertinelli for some reason she wants to take a drink out of craig's mug, but ends up spitting it out all over the place!
- jerry ferrara

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