+ 'its a great day in italy', craig ferguson shares, 'why? because today, june 2nd, is the big national holiday over there. its italian republic day. the italian people are running through the streets yelling, waving their arms. then they remembered it is a holiday. italians are known, of course for talking with their hands. scottish people also communicate with their hands. for example, if a scottish person is upset they will use their hands, make a fist, and punch you in the face! now, i grew up in glasgow, a scottish town, which has a huge italian population. thats true. i'll never understand why italian people moved to glasgow, but i'm glad they did because a lot of them opened up italian restaurants. this is good because food in scotland is crap! its true, 'oh, how many ways can you make potatoes interesting?' the food in scotland isnt that good, its no secret, except the food in the italian restaurants. i love italian food! or, as they call it in italy: 'food'. the most famous italian food is, of course, is pizza. which actually goes back to roman times. a lot of roman culture is still with us today, we eat pizza, we use roman numerals, we light roman candles, we hide our daughters from roman polanski...'
- evangeline lilly
- charlyne yi
^ magician laraf

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