+ 'theres a new cop show on abc', craig ferguson says, 'its just premiered, its called 'rookie blue'. its in the same time slot as grey's anatomy. and it sounds a bit like grey's anatomy. all the cops are young and gorgeous and sensitive, but they are cops not doctors. they are gorgeous cops is what i'm saying. you know when you get that feeling when you see something right away and you know you are going to love it? that doesnt apply for me here. why doesnt somebody make a throwback cop show? when a bad guy gets punched in their face, and no good looking people talk about their damn feelings! 'you are a criminal and i'm going to have to arrest you, and that makes me feel bad'. everybody is talking about their feelings, cops are talking about their feelings, vampires are talking about their feelings. i'll tell you, if there was a tv show about al quida, they would be talking about their feelings! 'when you declare a war on terror, it makes me feel like you are not listening'. i'm more into the csi. the csi: miami, csi: new york. all the csi's. theres nothing i like more than coming home and getting comfortable in the living room and watching the csi. you know, the dim lighting, the dead bodies, the dried bodily fluids everywhere. then i turn on the tv... thats right, i am a serial killer everybody!'
* james dyson the man with 'the proper amount of suction!'

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