+ 'its friday, and its a great day for the world! for the entire world!', shares craig ferguson, 'because the world cup starts today! and on behalf of all americans let me say: meh. here in the united states, soccer's popularity ranks somewhere between jon gosslin and people who give out rasiens for halloween. dont get me wrong, we americans know that the world cup is a big deal in other countries. but this is a big weekend here in america too because the tony awards are on sunday... now, the tony awards and the world cup are very different, of course, one of them is a celebration of barely conceiled gayness, and the other is the tony awards. the rest of the world, though, is nuts for soccer. its estimated that one billion people will watch the world cup. to give you an idea of how many people that is, take the audience of this show, and add one billion! you get one billion people.'
- denis leary he even got to join criag in playing with the puppets!

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