+ 'today, of course, is national donut day!' craig ferguson reminds us, 'national donut day is always the first friday in june. its perfect! as everyone is trying to get in shape for bikini season its donut day! looks like another one piece for the summer for me. to celebrate national donut day, this is true, dunkin donuts is giving away free donuts! the vagrants from around los angeles who make up our audience are like 'oh, free donuts? why are we sitting here?' the good news is, there is a dunkin donuts right around the corner from cbs. the bad news is that drew carrey had already been there... dunkin donuts is planning to build 15,000 new stores! they are expanding faster then their customers! anyway, i like donuts. when i was a younger man i had a faster metabolism and i ate a lot of donuts. but whenever i ate powdered donuts the powder would get all over my face and it would look like i had been doing tons of cocaine. now, strangely enough, the same thing used to happen when i did tons of cocaine! people would say 'woah craig, you are a bit speedy, have you had a lot of donuts?' i'd be like 'yeah, i've been eating donuts all day!'.
+ email and tweets with kelly moore, a guy from the audience who craig talked with in the opening.
+ espn uk with sir ben kingsly
+ gardening tips with willie nelson
- jennifer tilly
^ magician ed alonzo

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