+ 'the new shrek movie opens today', craig ferguson announces, 'its made by the dream works studio, its called 'shrek forever after'. its the best shrek movie ever made, i didnt think it was possible, but these geniuses at dreamworks pulled it off. i should probably mention two other things, 1. dreamworks studios also made 'how to train your dragon' which i am also in, and B. i am a corporate whore. now, dreamworks are saying this is the final shrek movie (unless this one makes a lot of money...) well, they said that the last shrek movie was the final one. it doesnt matter, its like when musicians go on farewell concert tours, and then another one, and another one. and if people love them, why not? frank sinatra went on a farewell tour in the 70's, the 80's, and the 90's. no one is going to tell frank to stop touring. anway i am not talking about sinatra, i'm talking about shrek. i like the shrek movies cause they have got something for everyone. theyve got the pop culture references for the grown ups, and the fart jokes for the kids and the late night talk show hosts. children and talk show hosts, very different of course, one need constant attention, cries when he doesnt get his way. and the other is a child. anyway, the shrek movies have got a lot of great characters, and a lot of them are borrowed from the brothers grimm. the brothers grimm were from germany and they wrote about german folktales like hansel and gretel, rumpelstiltskin, little ludwig poopinsphinkter. some of these folk tales are more popular than others... little ludwig poopinsphinkter lived in a house that was not made of candy. it was more of a log cabin... ah, making myself laugh with poop jokes!'

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