+ 'the new prime minister of britain was finally sworn in', craig ferguson tells us, 'he is a conservative, his name is david cameron. he is now the most powerful british dude in the world, if you dont count madonna. he had to meet the queen today, thats what happens when you get a new prime minister of britain, you have to go and meet the queen so she can say 'good, off you go then. do your stuff'. you do! theres all sorts of rules, when you have to take off your hat, when you have to curtsey and everything, and bow to her... holiness? i dont know. under no circumstances must you ask her majesty to pull your finger. 'your majesty, wont you...?' dont! and dont do it the other way around! never pull the queens finger! if you find yourself the prime minister of britain and you are being presented to the queen, do not pull her finger! although, if the queen farted, it would be alright. it would be royal! it would be a better fart than your common fart!'

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