+ 'you know what happened earlier tonight?' craig ferguson asks, 'the glee finale was on earlier tonight. if you dont know about glee, all i have to say is where have you been, mister? its about the high school kids in the glee club. its on the fox network, which is strange, cause fox is the home of glee, and fox news is the home of people who dont like people who watch glee. strange. glee, its a terrific show, its won many awards including the hugely prestigious peabody award. now, only the cream of broadcast television are even considered for the peabody award. i'm kidding- i've got one! i stole it from jon stewart! when the fox executives first saw glee they said the knew they had a hit. just like when the cbs executives first saw this show they knew they had something that rhymed with hit... fox has just announced that they are putting on an episode of glee right after the super bowl next year. i'm like 'wha?!?' its like an antidote for testosterone! 'you just won the super bowl, what are you going to do?' 'i'm going to dance, mister!' i have a confession to make: i've never seen glee. i've never seen it, i've heard its fantastic, but i've never seen it at all. i'm not just saying i havent seen it in a desperate attempt to appear heterosexual, i really havent seen it. it wasnt made for me though, i'm a 48 year old man. if i start watching glee i'll get a visit from that guy from 'to catch a predator'.'

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