+ ''prince of persia: the sands of time' comes out today', shares craig ferguson, 'prince of persia is from a long line of sword and sandle movies. one of the best ever was 'ben-hur' movie with charlton heston. it has an increadible chariot race in that movie. a scene which still holds its best against all the cgi stuff today, it still stands up against it. it doesnt really, but there are a lot of old people who watch cbs... anyway, prince of persia stars jake gyllenhaal. he conquers the kingdom using the power of his magical dagger, and the power of his magical puppy dog eyes. he's a great actor, i'm actually not sure i buy him as a prince from sixth century persia. he's quite modern looking, he looks like a dude who's ears are designed for an ipod. and his name doesnt exactly speak 'action hero' does it? eastman, connery, stallone. these are big action stars. the name gyllenhaal sounds like a home furnishing store. kinda does, doesnt it? '20 % off matresses at gyllenhaal's!'.'
- shirley manson
> jeffrey ross
= the national

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