+ 'you know, there is a big movie opening today', craig ferguson shares, 'movies usually open on a friday, but this movie is so fabulous that it had to come out on a thursday. its called 'sex and the city 2: the legend of curly's gold' it opens today. thats what its called! these movies are very popular with women and gay men. they should just call this movie 'line up, gays'. actually, thats another movie i've seen... the movie opened at midnight last night. people were lined up at the theater dressed as their favorite sex and the city character. and when i say people, i mean me. i was samantha! i was, i wore a very expensive dress. lets just say i put the 'wang' in vera wang! i was waiting in line for the movie, but i couldnt get a ticket for the movie, it was sold out. so i walked down to santa monica blvd, made a couple bucks, and got a ride from eddie murphy!'

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