team secretariat shirts

for the last month or so on 'the late late show with craig ferguson', craig has been obsessed with secretariat. it all stemmed from the disney film that recently came out. ever since the film came out craig has had the door bell ring during his tweets and emails segment and has seen a dancing secretariat come out to wild applause! craig has loved it so much that the doorbell has been ringing during other segments as well. whenever the horse comes out during an interview, craig and the guest jump up and start dancing. now craig is taking it to a new level: when ever a guest dances along to the secretariat song, he awards them a 'team secretariat' shirt! when talking to salman rushdie, the first to receive a shirt, he said 'because you danced with secretariat, i've issued a new regime of giving a free tee shirt to everyone who dances with secretariat!'

recipiants so far:
salman rushdie
chris hardwicke
kristen bell
katie couric
neil patrick harris
ali the audience member

want one for yourself? find one here!

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Anonymous said...

What's the theme song he plays when they dance?