a christmas gift from jimmy fallon

'my christmas present just arrived from my secret admirer!' craig ferguson gushes, 'and when i say secret admirer i think i know who its from. geoff? no. dr phil? maybe. no, too expensive.' craig opens the card and reads what it says: 'dear craig, please accept this beautiful top notch christmas sweater as a symbol of our friendship. from: jimmy fallon'. 'now, i'm very excited about this because everyone knows that jimmy fallon is the best knitter in network television! oh, i know, you are like 'craig, your crazy! he's your direct competitor! you cant say how great jimmy is!' aw, come on, everybody knows it, jimmy is awesome, and he can knit like 12 gay men!' when craig opens it he shutters 'oh, its beautiful!' craig then goes on to share that he sent jimmy a gift too, which he is opening at the exact same time on nbc. it sure is nice to see two hosts who wont fall into that whole 'late night war' thing, huh? 'tis the season and all that!

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