craig's grammy nomination

'its a great day for me!' craig ferguson recently shared on his show, 'i know what you are thinking, 'its always a great day for you, with your cheap suit'. no, its not true. my days are usually filled with tears, self loathing, and a very bad smell... i'm onion intolerant. its a good day for me because last night i got nominated for a grammy award! yes, thats right, the award you'd expect me to get nominated for, the most prestigious award in music. why not give it to a dork on tv in the middle of the night! i'm not sure what i think about this nomination. i think the grammys might have officially 'jumped the shark'. i was nominated for an audiobook of my autobiography, the spoken word category. it was the same category al gore won for his book. anyway, look, i dont get nominated for a lot of stuff, so i feel very good about this. last time i was nominated for anything was for my sex tape: best solo performance. anyway, this grammy nomination brings me one step closer to my lifetime goal of losing every major award in hollywood!'
good luck, craig!

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