+ 'theres a new movie opening today that i'm very excited about', craig ferguson shares, 'its called 'the tourist' with angelina jolie and johnny depp. they have never acted together but they make a great couple. one is a gorgous creature who i always picture having sweaty sex with brad pitt, and the other is angelina jolie. johnny and angelina have a lot in common, both have tattoos of exes on their arms. angelina used to have billy bob thornton and johnny used to have 'winona forever' and he had to change it to 'wino forever'. he did. i made the same mistake when i was young, i used to have a tattoo on my ass that said 'i love hitchcock' cause he's my favorite director. then we had a falling out and i had to get rid of some letters... now, johnny depp's girlfriend, actually girlfriend doesnt seem the right term, its the mother of his children. his partner, i suppose, is vanessa paradis. she's french. she's a french singer. i always wondered why the press doesnt give them a cool nickname like 'brangelina'. you could call them 'vajohnny'! why wont the press stop hounding vajohnny! everyone wants pictures of vajohnny! i'm in a good mood! hollywood really loves johnny depp. recently, though, johnny depp said this in an interview, he said that hes actually very anti hollywood. he said that to vanity fair in his trailor on the set of pirates of the caribbean 4. you cant much less hollywood than that, i suppose.'
+ bridger goes to see a competition between secretariat, a horse from 'medival times', and criag's secretariat!
- neil patrick harris he has a heart to heart conversation with bridger about craig's 'anger issues'

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