+ 'everyone is very excited about the big movie opening today', craig ferguson shares, 'and when i say everyone is excited about it, i do mean everyone... well, i mean children and teenagers and creepy middle aged dudes, because harry potter and the deathly hollows opens this weekend! thats right, i'm going quiddich crazy! sure, russell crowe has a big movie opening up this weekend too, but does russell crowe have a big magic wand? its got to be dissappointing making a movie and then finding out your movie gets released the same day as harry potter. its like going to a strip club and then realizing you are sitting next to bill clinton. actually, the harry potter movies arent really for me. why? because i am an adult. if you are a grown man watching a movie for teenagers, i have one thing to say to you: shame on you, roman polanski! no, harry potter is awesome, its a global phenomenon. even osama bin laden likes harry potter. thats true, in the last tape he said 'death to all westerners, except perhaps for harry potter'. this harry potter movie is so good though, that they had to split the movie in two parts. part two doesnt come out until next june. now its obviously why they split the movie in two. the producers said, and i qoute, 'its to do justice to the words and ideas in the amazing story'. which is hollywood talk for 'we can make twice as much'.

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