+ 'the new michael jackson album, that came out, is truly ground breaking', craig ferguson shares, 'and ill tell you why: this marks the first time the music industry has capitalized on a deceased icon. with the possible exception of elvis, tupac, john lennon, bob marley, jimmy hendrix, jim morrison, kurt cobain, freddie mercury, janis joplin... but apart from them, this is the first time! frank sinatra's record company put out a bunch of albums after frank died. they were recorded in his latter days. some times he would get the words wrong, in concert he was very old. and it didnt exactly put an end to the rumors of his mafia ties. he would be like 'i've go you, under my house.' i look forward to your letters. anyway, the new michael jackson album is out today, its called simply 'michael'. i guess 'blatent money grab' is a bit on the nose. appearently michael jackson left behind hundreds of unfinished songs. thats nothing, i've got lots of unfinished stuff lying around my house. i've got half a bird house, some ikea furniture, a jigsaw puzzle. for the new michael jackson album the record company took 10 unfinished songs and they said 'the fans need to hear these songs and we will hire other people to finish them'. and thats what they did because record companies care about you. they care about you almost as much as cbs cares about you. if this works out, you will see another released next year, one the year after, there will be a movie with michael jackson in it, a chain of michael jackson restaurants opening up- billy jeans! 'come on down to billy jeans, you cant 'beat it'!' try our free coffee, it doesnt matter if its black or white!'

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