arthur and craig

after realizing last week that there was a french talk show that has been stealing material from 'the late late show with craig ferguson', the host of that show steps out in front the the camera at the beginning of tonight's episode:
'bonjour!' welcomes the french talk show host arthur.
'hey, woah! what are you doing?' craig asks as he walks in.
'i'm doing the show' arthur answers,
'no, you are doing MY show! you are copying me!' craig fumes.
'ridiculous. bizarre' arthur responds.
'really? i put it to you arthur, if thats really your name. which its not, it jaque', craig announces.
'you are an idiot. it was not a copy, it was an homage. a tribute to your abilities' arthur says.
'what about when i saw you this morning walking my dog?' craig asks.
'also a tribute to your unique talents, and your dog really needs a bath'.
'what about last night when i caught you kissing my wife?'
'also a tribute to you. also, your wife needs a bath'.
'you are just copying everything i do!'
'no, you are just copying everything i say'
'oh no, not this old trick'
'oh no, not this old trick' arthur repeats.
'this is so juvenile, just repeating everything i say'
'no, it is you who is repeating everything i say, and its not easy with my english. and as you say, my show airs in france, 9 time zones ahead of los angeles. to repeat everything i say you must be some kind of psychic, possibly a witch, a kind of old gay harry potter' arthur implores.
'how dare you!'
'i propose that we burn you to get ride of you and your witchcraft' arthur states.
'you are good. you are very good...' craig admits.
'this isnt over...' craig fumes as he walks off stage.

read an article about the whole strange mess here!

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