+ 'its a very bittersweet week for those of us in the international brotherhood of talk show hosts', craig shares, 'this week we say goodbye to one of our own, he's retiring. i'm talking of course about larry king. the big kahona, the cheif of beef, the zen of cnn, the man with the glasses who will kick all your asses. larry's show, larry king live, has been on the air for a record 127 years. its in the record books! larry actually started in radio. if you are too young to remember radio, its like a blog that yelled at you. thats where larry developed his habit of taking phone callers, you know the callers who call in at larry king live. i always felt bad for larry when he didnt realize he was being prank called 'amanda hugnkiss, you there? get me amanda hugnkiss. she's not there? lets take our next caller, two guys from intercourse pennsylvania. harry balzack and hugh g. rection, you there?' larry is going out with a bang this week though, he had barbara strisand as a guest earlier tonight. 'brisket, people who eat brisket'. another reason i like larry king though, is he found a look and stuck with it: glasses, tie, suspenders. thats it! see those glasses, theyve actually got painted on eyes. that way larry can doze off when he interviews someone. thats true, i've been on the show and he interviewed me- he didnt blink for an hour!'
+ a couple 'larry king of the jungle' in celebration of larry's last day.

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