+ 'if you live here in los angeles, youve probably noticed the crisp smell in the air that can only mean one thing', craig ferguson shares, 'award season is with us again. its the time when tv and film critics nominate shows that arent this one. today the nominations were announced for the anny awards, which is short for animation awards. the anny awards used to be the animation industry's highest honor, now the highest honor in animation is getting 750 million dollars per picture. when i first heard about the anny awards i thought 'finally, they are recognizing all of us who played annie on stage!' it was the highlight of my career! anyway, the most anny nominations went today to a little film called 'how to train your dragon'. i'm rooting for that one because peter travers from rolling stone called it 'the sublime entertainment that will charm your socks off', and because i'm in it! a ha! i've done a lot of voice work for cartoons. it makes sense. what child doesnt light up when they hear a middle aged alcoholic talk show host! 'hey kids! the sun'll come out tomorrow!' anyway, im doing the voice of owl in the next 'winnie the pooh' movie. thats true. i've been preparing by eating mice and trying to twist my head all the way around. my character in 'how to train your dragon' had a hook for a hand. i'm a method actor so i wore a hook for the entire month i did the film. nearly tore off my wiener. i think its weird though having an award show for cartoons. what do you ask the characters on the red carpet? 'hey goofy, you look fabulous, who drew you tonight?' 'ga, kids in korea, g-huck!'.'
- carrie fisher she presented craig with the latest thing in australia: a kangaroo scrotum. yikes!

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