+ bob saget stops by to plug his new show and inadvertently tell a few dirty jokes.
+ 'theres a huge snow storm in the middle of the country', craig ferguson shares, 'its cold out there, i'm telling you, cold! anyway, they say we are in for a pretty harsh winter this year. this is because we are under the influence of 'la nina'. now, if you dont speak spanish, that means 'the nina'. the affect of la nina is being felt all over the country, except for arizona. apparently la nina doesnt have her papers. i think everyone should use this winter storm to appreciate natures beauty. remember, no two snowflakes are alike: some are big, some are little, some are dirty, some melt on your tongue. they are like tiny little frozen kardashians... its been a little bit chilly here in l.a., a cold snap like this can cause fights over who controls the thermostat in the house. for example, i like to keep our house relatively cool at 65 degrees, but my wife likes to crank it up to 70 degrees. so we compromise and keep it at 70 degrees. if you think 'thats not compromise!' then youre not married.'

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