french ferguson copycat

it recently came to craig ferguson's attention that there is a french talk show that has been stealing from his show. the french show, called 'ce soir avec arthur', and it is almost the exact same thing as craig's show, stealing his puppet bits and his sing-alongs and everything! they even stole his opening sequence! what did craig have to say about this? 'be honest, do i look french to you? i dont, right?' craig says, 'im on the tweety box every now and agan, and sometimes i go on twitter as well... so i was on the twitter and someone tweeted me on the twitter a clip of this show they saw in france. its a french talk show. i looked at it and im like 'huh?' they have a clip of the show and its a straight rip off of my show! what?!? and its better lit than this! i'm looking at it and thinking its a coincidence, surely. theres no way, he just happens to have the puppets as me and do kind of the same thing. let me just look a the title sequence of this show along with the title sequence of my show, so i did. they are almost a shot for shot remake! a couple things, one: great music, two: what the fuck is going on?!? listen, if you are going to steal from a show, at least steal from a good show like 'lost', or 'the wire'. dont steal from this show! thats like taking pants from a hobo! you cant steal from us, we dont have anything!'
see it for yourself here.

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