+ 'now today is actually a very sad anniversary', craig ferguson states, 'it was thirty years ago today that john lennon died, which is a terrible loss still felt, of course. its impossible to over emphasize how important john lennon was to music. first with the beatles then solo. its an amazing journey. in just a few years the beatles went from 'she loves you, yeah yeah yeah' to the trippy stuff. the only modern act to evolve like that was when madonna went from material girl to a british dude. 'like a virgin, touched for the very first time!' the beatles went through many stages of their brief career, there was the fresh faced cherib phase, the shaggy around the ears phase, the beardy ass hippie phase. ive been doing this show six years and i'm stuck in one phase: crap. but the beatles are easily the best musicians named after a bug. sorry, adam ant. take that, scorpions. so long, lady bug gaga. when i first heard the beatles song 'love me do' i thought it was 'love me dude'. i guess you hear what you want to hear... all the beatles songs have just been released on the itunes of course. this is great news for people like me. and by people like me, i mean people who are too old to know how to download music illegally! 'eh, where does the coin go?' beatlemania was huge at the time. in the uk, when the beatles left for america for the first time, there were thousands of screaming fans showed up at the airport to see them go. it was the same when i left scotland for america, a very similar situation. except the people who showed up at the airport were just there to make sure i didnt come back!
- russell brand hilarious and brilliant as ever, this time though, he took out a bit of rage on geoff peterson!

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