+ 'its a great day if you love john wayne', craig ferguson shares, 'and who doesnt? i'll tell you who doesnt: al quida. 'i hate john wayne, his american manliness is stronger than my love for jihad!' if you like john wayne, and i do, there is an auction here in hollywood that you should about. it features one of the most interesting pieces of memorabilia from his career. its not his six shooter, its not his cowboy hat, its not his leather chaps, i got those last year, its his wig! john waynes wig from the movie 'el dorado'! by the way, if you dont speak spanish, el dorado means 'the dorado'. anyway, i know what you are thinking 'wait a minute craig, john wayne wasnt bald! at least not upstairs...' not many people know this, john wayne actually wore wigs in all of his movies since 1948. i'm ok with that though, its not embarrassing to wear a wig for a job. at least thats what i tell myself when i'm out on the street hookin'. john wayne made up for any wig related weirdness with his walk. i cant do it, it just looks like i have a wedgie. anyway, if you are thinking about getting john waynes wig, let me make one thing clear: buying his wig will not make you tough like him. in fact, if you are buying wigs at all, you probably arent tough. john wayne was tough because his real name was marrion morrison, thats true. a boy will grow up tough if you name him something that questions his masculinity. like marrion, or a boy named sue, or lady gaga. thats right, theres meat under the dress too!'
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