+ 'have you seen the new russian issue of vogue magazine?' craig ferguson inquires, 'neither have i! no, this is true, in the december issue of the russian vogue magazine there is a video ad. a video ad in a magazine! its an ad for dulce and gabana liquor. i'm like 'dulce and gabana make liquor?' so when you are passed out in a pool of vomit you look fabulous? but i never heard of a video ad in a magazine. we may have beat the russians into space, but they are kicking our ass in magazine technology! thats right, the space race. thats my topical humor right there! take that, sputnik! anyway, apparently what you do is when you open the magazine a tiny video screen plays a commercial. its somehow both adorable and sinister. back in my day if i wanted to see moving pictures in a magazine i had to get high by eating the perfume samples! you just get sick and your poop smells like 'eternity'. anyway, i'm not surprised we are getting video ads in magazines. advertisers are scrambling these days cause people dvr their favorite tv shows and skip past the commercials, except people who watch this show, they cant wait for the commercials! 'hey honey, fast forward through the scottish guy, i want to learn about boner pills'.'

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