+ 'its a great day today for the united states postal service', craig ferguson shares, 'its the busiest day of the year. the post office is so busy today, its handled more packages than when ricky martin, george michael, and lance bass we at a party at elton johns house and the pizza was delivered by the tsa! thats how many packages have been handled today! do you know how many pieces of mail were actually delivered today? let me tell you, this is scientifically accurate, fifty three gazillion. with all those packages around, the post office is bound to loose a few hundred. so keep that in mind, friends and family, when you dont receive anything from me. thats not true, i send out a lot of gifts during the holiday. every year i end up putting so many stamps on packages that the impossible happens: i get sick of licking stuff. anyway, to keep up with all the mail at this time of year, the postal workers work really hard, so its important to appreciate them. thats why i always great my mailman with a warm smile and an open robe. 'hey mr. ferguson, i've got a package for you!' as i do for you sir, as i do for you.'

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