+ 'today i'm talking about wiki leaks', craig ferguson states, 'the leaked documents, most of it is just stuff sent between offices, just interoffice gossip. you know, the kind you email about coworkers. little jokes about your boss, little kitty cats hanging off branches, text photographs of you genitals. by the way, cbs cares, never send pictures of your genitals to your coworkers. send them to me! my email address is andyrooney@theinternet./google.cbs.com. you wait to see '60 minutes' on sunday! 'dont you hate it when you get unsolicited photographs of genitals? me neither!' anyway, now wiki leaks, theyve done good in the past, but i dont know if this latest release helps anyone. by the way, if you really want to keep something very secret, give it to the cbs publicity department. i'm not fucking kidding! they've got a wealth of information that no one will ever know about. this show, for example. or the humanitarian work of charlie sheen...'
+ arthur, the french copycat, stops by to help craig with tweets and emails.
+ craig and arthur, recreating a scene from 'casablanca', say their fond farewells and head off into the sunset together.

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