+ 'you know today is the winter solstice', craig ferguson shares, 'this is when the earths axial tilt is furthest away from the sun. its the shortest day of the year today, is what i'm saying. so, congratulations, midgets. anyway, winter solstice means that its officially the first day of winter, though the people on the east coast probably argue that its been winter for a while. in scotland its been winter for about five thousand years, actually! if they ever saw the sun they would probably throw rocks at it. 'get back to hollywood, ye big shiny bastard!' actually, thats what they say to me when i go back to scotland! anyway, here in los angelas the winters are very harsh. we have to start wearing socks with our flip flops. the outdoor mall next to the studio here has a machine that sprays fake snow. we've got people walking around with fake tans with fake fur and they are getting fake snow on their fake boobs. i love this town, man!'

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