intro other shows

this was the first night that jimmy fallon started his new show, so cbs tried to counter his audience by having his rival, craig ferguson, host the night with introductions to each of cbs's primetime shows. he appeared with paris hilton, his guest that night on the show.
he introduced the big bang theory, two and a half men, and how i met your mother. each time acting as if he were in his dressing room at cbs, just hanging out with paris hilton.
'you really live here, craig?' asks paris. 'its all i can afford on my cbs salary' responds craig. paris replies 'but it's old, it's dirty, and it smells like a hobo.' 'remind you of anyone?' quibs craig.
'i've never been someplace that didn't have a line outside of it' states paris. 'yeah, it's great, isn't it?' asks craig. 'i thought you said there would be other people here' paris questions. 'nope. just you , me, and the puppets' craig replies. 'your very creepy' states paris. 'thank you!' responds craig.

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