+ during the introduction for the show craig ferguson has his new dog 'cabbage' with him.
+ 'obama just got a dog and the press is already calling it the first pooch. they should just call him the first pain in the ass, cause that's what it's like having a puppy in the house. i know cause i've got one right now! i got a new dog now, its a french bulldog. it's like that dog in 'men in black' with a wrinkled up face. his name is cabbage. the reason i have it is because it used to belong to a guy named jonathan morano, one of our writers. he found a puppy didn't fit in with his 'bachelor lifestyle'. and also, he's trying to destroy me. he got talking to my wife about the dog, she liked the dog, and now i find myself living with the dog.
+ elevator confessions
- dwight yoakam
- mary mccormack, she gave him the fancy rattle snake mug

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