+ 'do i look grumpy to you tonight?' craig ferguson asks, ' probably because its a full moon. is it a full moon tonight, or was that last night? i dont know, lets look out the window and see...' craig goes to the background image of the skyline, 'oh, i forgot, its a child's drawing of a town. sorry for being cranky, i'm sort of like a bad tempered werewolf. that's probably where the legends of werewolves come from, you know, when there's a full moon, i get cranky. if you will, its my time of the month. hey, if you can get a chance to get angry once a month so can i! you want equality? you got it- here it is! thats right! ...i look forward to your emails.'
+ the rather late programme with prince charles
- jim parsons
= sara bareilles

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