+ craig ferguson gives tips for sucess: 'i'll be like tony robbins! telling people to be forceful by moving your arms when you talk- be winner! i think when you move your arms on purpose like that when you talk you look like someone in an old timey movie trying to be italian 'what's a come and a go!' 'its a tootsie fruitsy ice cream!' body language that works for tony robbins doesnt necessarily work for anyone else cause he's a giant. and i don't mean a legend, i mean an actual giant! he lives on a magic beanstalk, he gets angry if you try to steal his singing harp. i sat by him at a restaurant once and he's huge! he was eating pigs in a blanket, but they were actual pigs in a blankets! i'm sorry its a grizzly picture, someone should tell you!'
- david boreanaz
- philip johnson
= zach brown band

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