+ 'you know whats even scarier that the swine flu?' craig ferguson asks, 'which is admittedly terrifying, is the news coverage of the swine flu. if you flip over to the cable news channels right now its all 'swine flu!' 'swine flu!' 'swine flu!' 'its ham-ageddon!' 'it's the pig-pocolypse!' 'its snout of control!' they just want to scare the crap out of you. 'is swine flu deadlier than the grim reaper? stay tuned!' they never give you advice on how to avoid getting sick, cause then you would just turn off the tv and just go avoid getting sick. its always like 'swine flu tips on not getting sick right after and ad for these boner pills!' you know the news channels love this cause panic is their business, then they bring on the medical corespondent 'i've never seen anything like this!' killer bees that didn't kill, then Y2K,. the bottom line is this: there is potential danger everywhere, the truth is this: swine flu is real, a small number of people will become sick, but if you wash your hands and dont wait too long to see a doctor if you do get sick, you'll be ok. there, was that so hard?'
- shirley manson
- breckin meyer

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