+ craig ferguson informs us that 'today the l.a. county board supervisors have declared the first week of march, and i'm not kidding you, 'no swearing week'. no swearing in l.a. and christian bale just left town- coincidence? i'm not going to swear here on television, here at CBS we can't say more than carlin's seven words, i'm not kidding, i cannot say the name of certain animals! like for instance a semi aquatic rodent. i cant tell you what it is. i don't understand what the problem is, it's just a cute wet soft ball of fur... you know the whole concept of the swear word is strange to me, you create words that are naughty to say, and then you don't let yourself say them- it's pointless! what the hell is that?!?'
- kristin davis
* wolfgang puck

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