+ its email time! one email asks 'does the rattlesnake museum in albuquerque new mexico know how much business you're throwing their way?' craig responds 'oh yes, i do like to talk about the rattlesnake museum in albuquerque new mexico cause i've been there, its a rattlesnake museum. they have rattle snakes from the beginning of time all the way up to present day rattle snakes. its a fantastic place even if you dont like rattle snakes. go, because it's just... if you're thinking 'where should i go on vacation this year?', go to the rattle snake museum in albuquerque new mexico, you'll fill and entire morning! and in thee afternoon get some turquoise! anyway, i don't know if they know, i dont know if they care, but take that people who spend millions of dollars to advertise on CBS!'
- jessica lange
- tom lennon

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