+ 'as if things weren't bad enough,' craig ferguson shares, 'take a look at this headline: 'famed pastor predicts imminent catastrophe' the end of the world apparently is coming- again. the founding pastor of the times square church in new york is predicting the end of the world. you got to figure, now look, this is a lose/lose proposition if you are a pastor, cause either way the world ends, or he's talking crap. either way its not good! i think the theological term for this is 'painting yourself into a corner'. people have been predicting the end of the world for thousands of years and it's always 'the world will end next tuesday!' then tuesday comes and everyone goes 'mmhmm'. 'what i meant was the following tuesday...' it comes and everyone goes 'mmhmm'. if you really want to get ahead as a doomsday sayer is say 'next tuesday the world will NOT end!' the next tuesday if it does end, who cares, and if it doesn't end everyone will be like 'it didn't end! he said it! he said it! he's been right the last four weeks- he's a prophet!'.'
- christina ricci
> mike birbiglia

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