hello, new studio!

it finally happened: craig ferguson got a new studio!  after years and years of complaining about being stuck in that old 'basement' of a studio, the late late show with craig ferguson finally moves to a bigger space.
the show starts off with a time lapse montage of the crew putting the new studio together- its looking good! 'its weird, isnt it?' craig ferguson asks,  'its kind of like the old studio and its kind of not like the old studio!  this is what i look like in the light!  its a great day for us, we've got this brand new studio, we've got double the amount of lesbians we normally have!  this is really strange, i feel like i'm on somebody else's show. like a proper television show!  this is like a brand spanking new set, and by spanking, i mean spanking- we have a spanking station behind the curtain, regis philbin helped me break it in...  anyway, we've improved everything that sucked about the old show except the host.  thats self deprecating humor right there, right geoff?  anyway, i'm very excited, i couldnt wait to come to work today.  that feeling will fade eventually.  yup, there it goes!'

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