+ 'its a scary day for america', craig ferguson states, 'cause there is a big gust of dangerous hot air that is bearing down on our shores.  thats right, its the first night of madonna's world tour tonight.  she started her tour in philadelphia, which is fitting because both came to prominence in 1776.  during the world tour, madonna has been very vocal about this russian band 'pussy riot'.  thats what they are called.  can we say that?  its because of the new set we can say it, if we were still on the old set we would have to say 'ooh la la riot'.  now, if you dont know this band, that is what they are called.  they are called pussy riot.  get with the times, grandpa.  they are an all female rock band, like coldplay.  this band is from russia and the three members are locked in a russian prison and madonna is up in arms over it.  anyway, here is why this band is in trouble:  they set up in a moscow cathedral to play a protest song about vladimer putin's ties to the church.  after 40 seconds the security guards kicked them out.  then putin's henchmen tracked down three of them and threw them in jail for two years with a charge of 'hooliganism'.  is that really a crime?!?  thats like being charged for 'tom foolery'!  'you are going to prison for shenanigans!'.'
- larry king
michelle buteau

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