+ 'earlier tonight was the battle of the big music competition programs', craig ferguson shares, 'on nbc you had 'the voice' with that sexy lady.  whats her name? adam levine.  and then at the same time on fox you had the season premiere of simon cowell's 'x-factor'.  two very similar shows both on at the same time.  there hasnt been a match up like this since last month when the political conventions were on against 'honey boo boo'!  the voice wasn't originally supposed to be on tonight but last week nbc decided to move it opposite the x-factor.  they had a very good reason: to piss off simon cowell and apparently it worked!  simon cowell is very angry, he's as angry as clint eastwood is at an empty chair!  simon cowell said, and this is a direct quote, 'i thought there was a gentleman's agreement'. a gentleman's agreement?  in television?  he should know by now there are no gentlemen in television.  although i think one of those real housewives of beverly hills used to be a gentleman.  simon cowell is known for his competition shows, how could he be against real life competition? hmmm...'
- heather graham
- joel stein

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