+ 'its a big day if you like motorcycle gangs', craig ferguson informs, 'the biker show 'sons of anarchy' kicked off its fifth season tonight on cable.  its rated tv-ma which means nudity.  dont get too excited cause in basic cable 'ma' usually stands for 'man ass'.  sons of anarchy was on earlier tonight and i was torn on what to watch because it conflicts with my other favorite show which stars another surly grizzled hombe, i am of course referring to nancy grace.  she could kick your ass!  she wears a leather jacket on tv, thats pretty bad ass.  anyway, sons of anarchy is about a pack of hard nosed bikers who live outside the law- think lance armstrong but with less crime and drug deals.  the best known of all biker gangs is, of course, the hells angels.  they get a bad wrap sometimes, the hells angels, but being a member comes with perks: they get the leather jacket, the cool thing on it, the brotherhood of the road, they get ten percent off at bath and body works.  when i was growing up there were three guys that i looked up to that made motorcycles cool.  they were the quintisential american bike heroes.  steve mcqueen was one, now thats a movie star!  another bad ass: evil kenivel!  now there you have your redneck biker hero.  there's two tough guys, and the third is prince!  he's so tough he can make doves cry!'
- adam goldberg
- alison becker

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